•  „EWA“ (European Women in Older Age).

    In this Grundtvig project, questions will be asked to women aged 70+ by groups of women 50+, reflecting at the same time on their own life experiences. Interview techniques will be developed and applied in each partner country. Selected life stories will be compared on an international basis and collected. The outcomes will provide insight into the lives of older women in Europe and their ageing process and will serve as a source of inspiration for others.


     CoordinationUlmo universitetas, Centre for General Scientific Continuing Education, (ZAWiW), Ulmas (Vokietija).

    Partners: Kaunas Women‘s Employment Information Centre, Lithuania Centro Documentazione Donna,  Italy; Red Cross Organisation, Bulgaria;  Universita delle Tre Eta Macomer; Italy; University of South Bohemia,  Ceské Budejovice; VHS Ottakring,  Austria.