WHAT IS volunteering?

This altruistic activity, part of their time, energy, knowledge and personal experience of commissioning work community work, without receiving for no monetary reward.

Who can become a volunteer?

Volunteers can be any age, gender, religious or political convictions, a person who wants to broaden their horizons, contribute to a better and more socially responsible society, to acquire new acquaintances and useful experience, short of the work being done to get any material benefit for himself.

Why become a volunteer?

All the people who become volunteers can tell a lot of different reasons why decided to help those who are in dire need, but most often cited reasons are:

The desire to become actively involved in public life.
Knowing that can help.
The desire to gain new experience.
New challenges for the craving.
The desire to realize themselves in a new, yet untested in the field.
New love, friends search.
The belief that volunteering can change lives.
Further training for personal way of features